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disconnect to connect
Use the weekend to connect with what drives you.

Discover presence through passion, passion through presence. Immerse yourself in nature, human connection and mindful movement. Synergize your life through the adventure of finding true connection.

the retreat

Our goal is to bring like minded people together around movement and passion.

The intimate settings of our retreats challenge you to find connections with the people and world around you.


Experience the weekend at a relaxed and social pace - hiking, trail running, yoga and time to connect - embrace disconnection from your day to day life and reconnection with the things and people that drive you. Leave the weekend feeling energized, confident and with a full cup!


get disconnected!

Snow Shoe Race & Yurt Weekend

January 25th-27th 2019

Calling all weekend warriors! A saturday morning race paired with brunch, bonfire and good people, all while immersed in the simplicity of nature and authentic human connection. 

Atlantic Coast, GA 

Barrier Island Weekend

April 3rd-7th 2019

An out of this world adventure. Untouched coastal beaches, maritime forests, stately accommodations- the ultimate glamping experience. In true disconnection style, you can expect locally sourced food, mindful movement and human connection. The weekend is meant to fill the cup between structured activity and intentional free time to soak up the simplicity, landscape and history of the island. Reconnect with the things that drive you. 

Our Story

"Real connection requires no struggle -- it comes from the heart string pulling, butterflies in your stomach places. Those are the types of feelings that confirm it is absolutely right. 
The connection feels effortless.
Connection channels positive energy, fuels passion and fills the cup. 
Human connection - at the root - led us here. Over many cups of iced coffee and window seat chats, we began to see that our paths, not as originally planned, are absolutely right. 
Trust the connection. Don't be afraid to disconnect to reconnect. 
We can't wait to share this experience with you.
See you in October." 
- K & C

Kait Johnson & Crystal Seaver

co - founders, disconnection retreats

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